What precautions are you taking to not bring COVID-19 home with you?

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    # 1 year ago

    I live with my mother who is immuno compromised. So would like to see if I can take more precautions and to see what others are doing to limit the risk of bringing it home with them.

    Do you shower at work? Do you wear different shoes to the hospital? Do you wash your clothes soon as you get home etc? Do you keep your phone in a plastic bag?

    Any advice would truly help. Thank you

    # 1 year ago

    I would take as many precautions as possible. Change clothes, wear different shoes, wash your hands as frequently as possible, and always shower as soon as you get home.

    If at all possible, try to stay somewhere else.

    Good luck!

    # 1 year ago

    Definitely try staying with someone else or even see if your mom can stay with another family member.

    # 1 year ago

    Maybe see if you and a few other nurses want to rent out a place where you can all stay away from your families. It sounds like a outlandish solution but these are crazy times.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    # 11 months, 4 weeks ago

    I know of some colleagues who have their spouses leave garbage bags outside (backyard) with a clean bathrobe inside. She changes out of her scrubs and throws them in the bag and puts on the bathrobe. She rushes to the bathroom and throws the bathrobe into another garbage bag then showers right away. All the clothes are then washed.

    Now, I’ve heard that her job is actually paying for a hotel room for her to live for 3 weeks as she continues to work with COVID-19 patients. I’m not sure if they will continue after the 3 week mark, but I’ll update you guys!

    # 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    I had to move out with our toddler to my brothers before my eye started taking covid patients. This could last for months though so we aren’t sure how ideal this is.

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