What is your coping ritual after losing a patient?

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    Today I had a patient in her 30’s. We coded her at 0945 and got ROSC. Coded again at 1230 and got ROSC. But we lost her after the third code at 1430. I know it was her time, and we did everything we can, and blah. I feel affected by the loss because I don’t feel affected. How do you cope (to feel and process)?

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    I think there are many different ways to go about this. Losing a patient can be a very hard thing to cope with, especially since it is our job to not only provide medical care but emotional as well. Usually if something happens like that I try my best to think that they are in a better place and appreciate the time they were able to spend on earth. That always helps me to feel better. Knowing that I did all i can for them is also benefical to me.


    Now if you are trying to relate more and understand the loss it might be best to put yourself in one of their loved ones shoes. Understand that someone lost someone dear to them but also realize they are in a better place. We are in a tough feild during an even tougher time.

    Please be well and try to keep your head up

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    Go get lunch.

    Not trying to sound callous, I’m being serious. This job can mean (depending on your specialty) you’ll deal with end of life a lot. Some people seem to think you lose your humanity if you don’t feel something after a patient death, but the truth is it’s a normal part of life and the job. Free yourself from the belief that you have to be emotionally invested in every negative event you encounter.

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    Just feel it. It’s going to stay with you. During your shift I follow a ‘dont think about it’s rule. But after, cry if you need to. Write it down.

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    I work it out at the gym (before the pandemic). Now I just take long runs. Some of my best thinking is done on them.

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    I used to say “ I’m sorry for what you went through, but it’s over now and you will have no more pain. Today it is your turn, and tomorrow it will mine” just made me feel better I guess.

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    Give yourself permission to not feel anything. It’s ok. Not every person touches you…..

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