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    Oh my fgod! Four nurses just uploaded themselves dancing around a corpse with the word “COVID 19” on it, making it look like they were dancing with a corpse of someone that died of COVID. Like wtf? Take your attention seeking ass home and stop making our profession look so horrible to the general public we serve.

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    I agree with the request, but feel it should apply to every TikTok video. Not just nursing videos in poor taste…

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    I’m having a hard time believing these are nurses to be honest… I’d have to because I never thought a bunch of nurses could be this insensitive, tacky and stupid.

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    No class. I hope hiring managers get savvy at identifying people in these videos. . . .

    I dare you to find anyone in any profession who hasn’t found time to slack at work, but don’t be a dummy and advertise it to the world.

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    It’s so embarrassing. Some of my coworkers defend making them, or even watching them saying “it’s just for fun, we need to have some positivity right now,” ……..yes just for fun until someone who just lost a family member sees this shit online and wonders who was working while all this B.S was going on, and maybe too many people are dying bc nurses are busy with this nonsense. Perception is everything. So incredibly embarrassing.

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