Does anybody know any podcasts on medical topics?

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    I’ve recently gotten into podcasts and I was wondering if anybody knew any medical/nurse related ones?

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    I actually have a list I’ve asked for contributions to in the past! Here’s a few that I or others have enjoyed: EmCrit (aimed at physicians but lots of good information for nursing and prehospital) Emergency Medicine Cases FOAMCast NRSNG The Nursing Crash Cart (aimed at new ER nurses, but a great resource for prehospital providers as well) Real Talk School of Nursing Resource Nurse Radio Sleep With Me (not medical, but a huge help if you have trouble sleeping, for example with shift work!) Straight A Nursing White Coat Black Art (Canadian, and more about the business and ethics of medicine than clinical information) This Podcast Will Kill You (Again not nursing specific but about infectious disease pathophysiology, ecology, history, and anthropology)

    The three I still listen to on a regular basis are EMCrit (which is often referenced when discussing cases with our ER and ICU docs at work), This Podcast Will Kill You (which my sister and I discuss and dance over with every new episode), and Sleep With Me (which my dog enjoys listening to with me, and my partner thinks I’m crazy to listen to).

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