Coworkers, specifically nurses, who think Covid 19 is fake.

  • BlackWidowBlackWidow
    • RN
    • Sterling Heights
    # 12 months ago

    Nurse I’ve worked with for a decade and mostly respect went on a crazed rant about how this was made up from the media and we were being sheep. We are in a rural, low covid area but there are large outbreaks close to us. Have the rest of you had this happen?

    • Newbie nurse
    • Tampa
    # 12 months ago

    Nurses at my hospital were all saying about a month ago what a crazy overreaction this whole thing is. They’ve done a total 180 now that we are getting slammed with no end in sight. It’s just people who can’t believe what they aren’t experiencing. Either extreme cynicism or extreme egoism 🙄

    # 11 months, 4 weeks ago

    That nurse is welcome to come to the COVID unit at my hospital and walk into an airborne room without PPE to test that theory. 🙄

    # 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    It really bothers me how fellow nurses could ever think something like this is fake. Walk into any hospital in New York, California or any other state that has been hit hard and there you will see your proof. People need to wake up and realize that just because the media is reporting about it doesnt mean its fake news. Does the media exaggerate? Of course but in this situation they are not. People are dying and in some places it is only getting worse……………there done with my rant lol I feel better

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