Covid anxiety

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    Does anyone else have baseline anxiety to begin with before all this Covid nonsense? I have anxiety, and despite being a nurse in a busy suburban ER located in one of the top 3 states affected by Covid. I’ve been able to effectively manage my anxiety up until now. I currently have crippling anxiety related to Covid, can’t get my mind off of it, feel constantly like I’m about to throw up and terrified to go to work. How are you guys managing this? I’m not sure how long I can keep up with this, I feel like I’m waking up to take the NCLEX every day when I get up in the morning and I know this isn’t healthy.

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    Yep. Went to urgent care for being unable to breathe fully for the tenth day in a row and guess what- after x-rays and blood tests- I’m just exceptionally anxious. It really sucks.

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    Yes! I keep saying haven’t been this stressed since nursing school. At first my years of anxiety helped me be optimistic, I’ve freaked out over epidemics that never happened. Now it’s becoming unbearable.

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    @creativels Sounds about right! I’m constantly like, “is it covid or anxiety?”. Hang in there 💕 I have PRN Xanax that I almost never used before this, now quickly going through my supply and too chicken to go to the pharmacy to pick more up

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    @dutchie SAME. Had to call and get the script resent actually Bc I haven’t ever refilled it.

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    Constant anxiety at work. Definitely helps to relax and distract myself! Still workout, eat better than usual, love on my dogs, watch funny shows. Unfortunately avoiding news stopped helping because it’s so much worse every single day.

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    100% true!!!! It’s weird because my anxiety peaks on my days off, and then gets better at work. I think I’m going to actively try staying off my phone/news to see if that helps! Good luck throughout this!!!

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