Almost posted to my Facebook but didn’t want the drama….

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    (Long post) Almost posted there and then had second thoughts….. but I have to get this off my chest somewhere. Thanks for listening. I’ll add in details of context in brackets so it makes sense to you guys….

    I do like people, truly. I love people, in fact. I am commanded to love people by my God. Jesus commands us to love others. To care for the sick and needy.

    That being said- I definitely went into nursing for the money. I love science and medicine and the excitement of it all. I love taking care of people. BUT I was a single mother who needed to get a degree and make money and have job security to take care of myself and my baby. When I became pregnant I enrolled in classes. I got degree in nursing and a few day’s later that baby turned 4.

    I can take care of my now four children and put my husband through school because of the MONEY.

    I am not a MARTYR for any hospital.

    Don’t cheer for me and thank me for my service with HELICOPTERS AND SIRENS and the mayor yet not provide me with the PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT I NEED to be safe. [they clapped at us one day this week and someone flew a helicopter overhead at shift change and want to act like they should have a pat on the back because of it or something]

    Don’t sit there in your ivory tower with your $700,000 salary while most of us can’t even get hazard pay [only the covid floor and ER nurses in the designated covid area get hazard pay] and nurses hours are being drastically reduced, occasionally emerging to scribble some nice saying on a piece of paper by the break room. [CEO has a board by the break room where he writes some nice BS from time to time. I have yet to see the CNOs face during this whole ordeal]

    I’d rather have less pizza and Jason’s deli [community members and the hospital has been feeding us a lot] and more PAPRs for the covid floor nurses so they stop getting sick because they (and the rest of us) have to put our used masks in a PAPER BAG for the next shift. Did I miss where the CDC said paper bags are magical cleaning vessels that sterilize the masks? Fold it in on itself to prevent contamination? Yeah, right.

    We are getting nit picked on the most ridiculous nonsense while we are being completely failed by management. If it was your job to make sure your hospital was ready for an infectious disease surge you failed. You failed and it is killing people. You better be doing everything in your power to get your staff what they need. You better be buying up materials every chance you get and putting it into the hands of your at risk staff. You better be praying that their weekly masks are enough to keep them well because soon you will not only have a materials shortage you’ll have a shortage of man power. Masks can be made a lot faster than seasoned nurses and staff. Pick your battles.

    Keep your sidewalk chalk affirmations to yourself and give me the PPE I need so I don’t get sick. [they wrote “encouraging” phrases from the parking lot to the employee entrance like “you can do this!” And “we need you”]

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    I would honestly be uncomfortable with all the cheering and things, cheering isn’t going to get the job done, especially when people turn around and still go out and do activities w/o social distancing. If anything, people who bought out all the PPE and such, if they support health providers, should give unopened things to providers.

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    It really irritates me when people assume that nurses are these altruistic mystical creatures who are “called” to this profession by some divine being. Don’t get me wrong, many nurses and other HCWs certainly feel this way and that’s fine, but its crazy to think the fulfillment we get for caring for patients is compensation enough.

    Fulfillment and good feelings don’t pay bills. Pats on the back and encouragement don’t buy PPE…

    I’m not putting myself in danger for an organization that will replace me in a heartbeat (probably at a cheaper rate) if I were unable to work. I hope nurses everywhere recognize their worth and demand competitive pay, better ratios, and fair treatment once the dust settles.

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    Thanks for posting. Fun fact: your CEO is working for the money too. We’re all working for the money.

    Your voice is one of thousands. Thanks fot adding to the cry for PPE. Heros my ass, sacrificial lsmbs to slaughter. Do not be a martyr.

    My hospital announced they have enough PPE for 4 months. Worked a non covid floor last night and was assigned one yellow droplet mask to wear for 12 hours. Grossly soggy and totally useless by the end of the night.

    We hear you. We need to keep demanding PPE

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    With you 100%. I signed up to work safely and would not have if that was not the case. We live in the first world. Our hospitals and government failed us. Most medical professionals I know saw this coming a mile away. Shouldn’t take a genius. We are global. I live in a very diverse city and thousands of people travel internationally daily for work and pleasure. This thing was on our doorstep January/February and none cared or took precautions.

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    I resonate with this COMPLETELY! I went into assist my emergency department last night bc we were short staffed. They only had the trauma rooms and corona assignment opened. Half of the department was closed. It’s frustrating that the public doesn’t understand, but I don’t expect them to. However, when your own management sets you up to fail by not having enough nurses? That’s uncalled for.

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