Support the Nursing Community

For every dollar we receive, we’ll donate half to the Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses was created by volunteers with the purpose of helping fellow nurses deal with mental health issues and stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, keeping a platform like this takes time and money. Your donations will help us cover the costs of running this website and pay for new features, gather resources, and promoting the cause to reach as many nurses as possible.

We will also give half of the money from your donations to the Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses, which will assist nurses in:

  • Providing direct assistance to nurses
  • Supporting the mental health of nurses – today and in the future
  • Ensuring nurses everywhere have access to the latest science-based information to protect themselves, prevent infection, and care for those in need
  • Driving the national advocacy focused on nurses and patients

This national effort is being kicked off with a $1.5 million grant from Johnson & Johnson and the TYLENOL brand. Together, we encourage like-minded organizations and individuals to come together and join us by donating to this fund.

To share your thanks and support for nurses on the frontlines you can make a donation now.


“Retired nurse no longer able to help Understand the never ending nurses compassion and willingness to help where ever the need. God Bless you all”
Linda Pingree: $25

“Thank you for keeping us safe!"
Anonymous: $20

“I was front desk in after hours clinic for 13 years ; 1 doctor, 1 nurse & me. I admire the hard work they put in & raise kids at same time."
Marcella Mills: $20

“I donated in support of this campaign.
Lalybeth Miro: $5