What is Between Us Nurses?

Between Us Nurses is a platform that allows nurses from all different levels to communicate, collaborate and inspire each other. For too long, the nursing community has not been given the support that it deserves and needs. This has become especially evident due to the Coronavirus pandemic and how much it has greatly affected the frontline healthcare workers. Well, Between Us Nurses is here to change that!

With this private support network, we want to make sure that nurses have a voice that isn’t drowned out by corporate agendas or financial gain. There are plenty of platforms like that out there already and we don’t need anymore. COVID-19 has really shown this country how important and crucial nurses are to our society. Unfortunately, it took a whole pandemic for us to realize it.

Between Us Nurses pledges to keep this forum up and running during and after the COVID-19 epidemic so that nurses have a place to release their daily stresses or to promote some victories to encourage others. It’s really up to the nurses to decide what they would like to post, we just ask that everyone remains kind and respectful. Being that nurses are exceptional at physical and emotional care we don’t believe that will be too hard.

As this platform grows we will be launching additional features to improve your user experience while interacting with Between Us Nurses so be sure to keep an eye out for updates.

This is a time where we all need to come together and overcome hardship. Stay safe and healthy!